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Nothing new to see here?

Paper and pens ! "Nothing new to see here," I bet you said. Not the case, these pens are bamboo, yep, recyclable bamboo dip pens - how cool is that ?

You can use them as they are or trim them down with a craft knife to shape the nib into a point that suits you. I have tried them and I enjoyed using them. £2.03

I found this cotton rag textured paper in the same place.

I have used it with ink and acrylic and l am happy with the price here too.£13.99 for 35 sheets of A4. So good l have ordered A3.

Ink, bamboo pens and rag paper

I found these gems on

And the discount ?

35% if you order £200's worth, sounds a lot, however if l put it this way - spend £130 and get £200's worth of art gear. That's only the price of one little painting. Ah'em. Now you're asking "What are you getting out of this?" That's what I'd ask too, don't trust the buggers!

Nothing. I'm just a old granny giving some interesting tips! (I think.)

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