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PREMISES TO BE INSPECTED Stories of my Grandfather

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Grandads House, Lower Trevorgus

Tucker added that he then came along and Mr. Bennett offered to allow them to search his premises, and in fairness to him he should say they found no other suspected articles on his premises. Bennett explained regarding the tobacco that it had been given to him in pipe fulls by various naval ratings who had stayed on his farm, but the persons mentioned when seen denied this. The tobacco weighed half a pound and was in one compact mass. Evidence was given by the two soldiers, who, replying to Mr. Spear, admitted that just before the alleged offence they had returned from detention. but denied that they had told Bennett they had just come out of " quod." They also denied that they had approached Bennett regarding his buying Army stores and that he had refused to have anything to do with them. One of the men admitted that he rode off on Bennett's cycle after snatching money defendant had taken from his pocket, which included a cheque for £l2. Constable Walke said Bennett admitted buying the booth, sugar, and tea, and giving 18s. 6d. for them.'

Witness saw a tin in Bennett's pocket, and on removing it said he was of opinion the tobacco it contained was a naval issue. but Bennett said It had been given to him in pipefuls by sailors staying on his premises. Evidence was also given by an Army provost-sergeant, who admitted one of the soldiers gave them a few minutes' anxiety when he rode away on Bennett's bicycle. Both this witness and an Army officer said there had been complaint regarding missing stores. The officer added that he had known the two soldiers concerned , in that case since March, 1941, he could trust them, and knew them as " absolutely truthful men." A naval warrant officer identified the tobacco as being duty free, and said if there was half a pound in a tin similar to that produced, once it had been removed, it would be impossible to get it all back again.

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