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feeling small growing tall

There are times when we all feel small, dwarfed by the pressure of the outside world.

With nurture and kindness we can grow and flourish.

Time to step out of the comfort zone.

Time to step out of the comfort zone, from behind the shy, the the pain, the girth.
The imposter thinks the cover's blown, in pursuits to determine that secret worth.

No more to fear the anguished moan and explore delight, giving dexterity birth.
Erstwhile comfortable with lying prone, the pleasures of acquisitions must unearth.

Inspect the tortuous limp backbone and the "not in my remit" annoyed jobsworth.
Heal from the sorrows that loss bemoan to search the approaching contented north.

Disdain the red, white and blue curb stone, to observe the ploy with gathered mirth. 
Dismiss from mind the aflame hailstone, to be restored, refreshed and free henceforth.

Anesthetize the aggravated tail bone, and abandon the crumbling, hollow sick-berth.
Preserve air waves with pure acetone but please consider the ozone dearth.

Command to lie fallow the bladder stone,
Making known,
On my own,
The stepping stone.

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