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Humpy bumpy wow !

This bored old granny was cruising the web trawling for a treat. l promised myself some arty goodies for tidying up my studio space and organising my way of working. For 55 years I've been slap dash. That is to say, and do, I have an idea, grab some paper or a canvas, and slap or slop the inspiration down. Then I'd be hurting so much I'd walk away and leave the scene of crime.

Acrylic on A4 rag paper, applied with a bit of old bank card.

Then l found Alistair, he is tidy, organised, methodical, I was envious. How did he do it? I watched in envy for nine years (I'm a slow learner.) I got the kitchen organisation bit but not the art; my argument was I'd loose the spontaneity!

last month l asked for help, he explained his modus operandi. It is starting to seep in, hence the treat.

Close up of Flats 1

See, there l go down the twisted road of digressions again.

I found this fantastic cotton rag paper (among other gems) at l ordered it on the May bank holiday weekend, it arrived on the Wednesday. Beautifully wrapped and gorgeous. The texture is extra lovely, I especially like the fluffy deckled cotton edges. l have used it with acrylic and Indian ink so far and I am impressed. All the textures I have been trying to create for years, the paper did for me. Makes me look the genius!

The price is genius too, 35 sheets of A4 £13.99

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